The Car Wreckers: We Pay Top Dollars For Commercial & Private Cars

Sell your unwanted Vehicle today

Getting your unwanted car removed can be time-consuming, with Car Wreckers you can easily call us or fill a quick quote on our website. # simple steps and get cash on hand.

Instant Money for Your Scrap vehicle

We provide cash instantly for your damage and scarp car. So if you want to get rid of your old cars, you can call us and we will come tow your car for free. After an evaluation we will provide you with instant cash right on spot.

We Buy Cars, Vans, Utes

The Car Wreckers deals in major sectors of recycling the vehicles. We buy after analyzing your vehicle worth in terms of each parts which can be recycled or reused so you can get best price.


At The Car Wreckers Melbourne, we offer outstanding service for a top cash amount of any vehicles, any makes and any condition. Moreover, we are just buying scrap cars to recycle, also selling auto parts includes tyres, wheels, batteries, engines, headlights and much more that can be used as a second-hand parts. Frequently we serve parts for all manufacturers Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Holden, Audi, Mercedes that we wreck at our wreck yard in Melbourne. We stand because of unique relations with our customers who have been dealing with us for many years.

Car Wreckers

Important factors about wrecking services

Car Appraisals-

We have knowledgeable evaluators to assessment right value for your car. On behalf of our team, we assure our customers that given price will always be more than your expected price.

We buy

We offer top cash for car wreckers Melbourne so don’t delay more to sell your scrap, wrecked, damaged, junk, accidental, non-running vehicle. Enjoy special free towing from your home or business address anywhere in Melbourne. Call to find out the car wreckers near you now.

How to Find Wreckers near Me:

The Car Wreckers deals in Melbourne and its all suburbs with the help of their affiliates. Once we get the location of our customers, we assign requested services and assist them with the help of our partners whoever very close to customer’s location, so that we could help to assist them on the same day for second-hand parts or dismantling services.

The Role of Customer Service Reps –

If you ever you any problem at Car Wrecker Melbourne, our customer service expert team is there to help and correct the issue.

Used Car Parts Melbourne at Lowest Prices

We’re supplying quality second-hand auto parts. Come to car wreckers Melbourne for replacement parts of your vehicles. If your mechanic tells to replace your motor, don’t need to pay more money to buy new when second-hand car work. Save more to find affordable auto parts and find exactly same what you need for. Get Tires, mufflers and exhaust, engines, transmissions, and more.

If your old car needs repairing or it needs some replacement then look for us. Our company will offer you used parts once you make a contact with us. We offer old parts for every vehicle and model and so you can avail as per your demand.

A Dedicated Company in the region

We are the professionals who have created a niche for ourselves. With many years of experience in the field of wrecking and car removal, we have made ourselves as the major dealers in the region of Australia. We offer reliable and fine services to our customers without any hassles. So, if you are thinking to remove your useless or rusted car, you can avail our assistance.

Cash quotes offered for car owners for free

The Car Wreckers offer cash quotes to our customers in the region of Australia. Once you call us for free cash quotes, our customers will contact you immediately on the basis of information given by you. The cash quotes offered will be on the basis of an era, make and the condition of the car. If you agree with price quotes, they will come to your site for towing the vehicle.

Used car parts available for the people

If your old car needs repairing or it needs some replacement then look for us. Our company will offer you used parts once you make a contact with us. We offer old parts for every vehicle and model and so you can avail as per your demand. You can consider The Car Wreckers for the services as our company is quite good in offering superlative service to all customers.

We accept all sorts of vehicle models in the region of Australia.  It hardly makes a point of difference whether you own any model. Thus there is no problem at all whatever you own. We consider all.

Our experts will perform all the paperwork related to the selling of your car to us. The transfer of title and all other formalities are done by our experts. So you can relax and rely on us as we offer trouble-free service.

Once your car is thoroughly checked by our experts and all the documents verified such as id proof and the ownership title, your car is towed away without any hassle. Our experts will charge no fees for removing your car from your home.

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