The world is getting digitized. It is evident from the different industries where we can witness the boom of technological interventions. Just like other several industries, the automobile has also welcomed the new interventions, thanks to the technical researchers. The trend of manual cars is gone for long and automatic cars are not new. Among the new feature, one thing that has changed the overall scenario of vehicles is the addition of Electric cars in the Automobile industry.

Just like other developed countries, Australia has adopted the trend, and the maximum number of these cars can be seen in Melbourne being the top populated city. Among 50 plus car manufacturers and sellers in the country, the Electric cars are comparatively new, and tesla is the pioneer whereas other manufacturers are following the trend in fewer prices of course.

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As the trend of electric cars is flourishing and other cars are fading away slowly, it is expected that by 2030 there will be no vehicle on roads instead of electric cars. However, people do not accept their popularity and are not ready to welcome it. So this blog mainly focused on several points that will help you decided why you should go for new electric cars leaving behind your old vehicles.

Top Reasons why you should Buy Electric Cars:

Below mentioned are some of the reasons that will compel you to buy this new technology:

Cost-Effective Usage:

Electric cars are less expensive to operate. Though they are quite an expensive buy, in the long run, they are cost-effective due to reduced usage costs. On average, an electric car needs just $7 to travel 100 miles. It is much cheaper than cars running on petrol or diesel.

Initially, the electric cars were costly, but since its launch, we can see the reduction in the prices. According to recent research, around 1/3 of Australians are more comfortable in buying Electrical vehicles.

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Ecologically Friendly:

Electrical cars are environmentally friendly. It reduces greenhouse emissions and is very less noisy as compared to non-electric cars. In this way, they cause less air pollution and is not harmful to the environment and breathing lives there.

 Tax Breakdown:

In Australia, luxury vehicles are exempted from tax break and stamp duty in the new act. Currently, the manufacturers see very little tax on electric cars.

Low Maintenance: 

Electric vehicles do not require too much maintenance. They are equipped with ten times fewer parts as compared to cars that run on petrol and diesel. In has no engine, transmission, spark plugs, tailpipe, fuel pipe, starter, clutch or muffler. In other words, you do not need to maintain it too much to keep it working.

Have you decided to buy an Electric Car? What to do with the old one?

Now when you have decided to buy an electric car, it’s important to get rid of an old car that would just occupy your garage space. Rather than doing all hustle yourself, let us know, and we will buy your old cars for cash. We at cash for cars Melbourne even buy wrecked cars. You can get the quotation by emailing us the condition of your vehicle with the model number and make.