Cash for Damaged Cars Australia

Local Wreckers In Melbourne provides top cash for damaged cars where the used car parts sells separately to needy car owners to save their money. Rest of the body of cars send to recycle from our auto salvage to car body recycling sector.

Cash for damaged carsPrice Valuation for Damage Cars

Our team take a quick look at car condition where some of major factors needs to be evaluation like manufacturing year, running condition, percentage of broken body. However, everything has to be done from our end very fast and if we get all the details online, we evaluate the pricing very soon.

Cash for damaged all brands & Free Removals

We provide cash for car services for all your vehicles that are broken or damaged and needs repair or are beyond repair. Cash for damaged cars services are not hard to find and is quite a common concept that is familiar among all car wrecker companies located in Australia. We accept all vehicles in all conditions, and also deal with different models and makes of cars or vehicles in Australia. So if you have a broken car, bring it to us, and we will take it. Melbourne car wreckers are available for used car parts to sell in affordable prices

The cycle of car wrecking and recycling

Once you bring us your car to the junkyard, we assign a group of car wrecker experts who can evaluate the condition of the car and assign a price tag to it. The junk car will be dismantled and finally recycled in there. Before they are recycled, the auto parts are taken out and kept aside for further sale. Such car parts are available at cheaper and discounted prices at junkyards. If you are not able to find them anywhere else, you will find them here at the junkyards. We accept all vehicle models including jeeps, Cherokees, vans, trucks, SUVs, and many others. We deal with sports car and luxury cars as well.

Best cash for car damaged Japanese and Mazda

We at ‘The car wreckers’ provide the best cash for car services in Australia. Free towing and Removals of cash for damaged cars as well. It’s not for only cars, if you have a junk truck, or a broken vehicle, you can make money out of it, by selling it to the junkyard. We would also like to point out that, we pay maximum cash for your car that you bring in to us. It could be any vehicle including cars, trucks, vans, SUVS, and many others. We deal with various brands including Nissan, Japanese, Mazda, Isuzu, BMW, Kia, and are just to name a few.

We will beat any prices of any agencies

No matter what others are paying you, we will beat that price by at least 10%. That’s a guarantee. If you are looking for a free no obligation quote, contact us at the number provided on our website or alternatively you can also email us. We also have a contact us form that you can fill up and send it to us for us to process it and get back to you as quickly as possible.  Our company offers the best cash for cars removal Melbourne that you can think of.

We operate in various parts of Australia

No other car wrecker Company in the whole province could match our services or our prices. We wreck vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, Ute, 4x4s and much more. There are many reasons as to why you should choose us. We are a reputed firm and balk upon our goodwill to drive sales and profit. We consider all types of automobiles, that other companies might not be able to do so. We also provide free cash quotes, have minimal paper work, maximum cash offered to clients, and finally same day service. We cover various areas such as Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. You don’t need to go and find our location anywhere you just dial the number 03 9012 5916 and our service agent will at your door.