Cash for Unwanted Cars

Unwanted and broken cars, trucks, vans and jeeps and of various different brands as well

We provide cash for unwanted cars and trucks or any other vehicle.  No matter how badly broken or damaged your car may have been, bring it to us and we will take it. First we will evaluate your car and put a price tag on it. If you like the price, we have a deal. If your car is in good condition, you will probably get the full sum assured. If it is badly broken or damaged or the other way around, then chances are you may receive lesser money on it.

Cash for unwanted cars

Cash for unwanted cars are one of the best programs in the car wrecking business. Any broken or damaged car that needs to be dumped or thrown away ends up in the junkyard. That is where they belong. They are finally dismantled and recycled. This is done to avoid any kind of spill on the streets or cause any kind of pollution otherwise. Thus it is important that if you have a messy car that needs to be thrown away, do not dump it on the streets or let it remain unattended in the garage. Get the figure out total price for unwanted cars by dialing our 03 9012 5916 or by filling the form. Get in touch with Local Car wreckers that can really help you out.

Clean and green environment

The more conscious you are about the cleanliness of your roads, the better it is. Such broken and damaged cars belong in the junkyards and not on streets. They needs to be towed away with the help of a tow truck and carried away to the junkyard for recycling. It’s that simple. The concept is crystal clear. Here are a few reasons as to why you should choose us.

Why you should choose us

We provide the most unique services in the car wrecker industry in Australia, we are a well reputed firm in the region as we consider all kinds of automobiles, we offer free cash quotes, and free car removal service to car owners, paper work is also done at a minimal level, we offer lucrative cash to our sellers and provide same day service if you request us to do so. Our services are quite fast and efficient. We never delay anything as we like to pay instant cash for any car that we like and would like to take into our possession.

We provide services all throughout Australia

We provide services all throughout Australia including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and many other cities. If you have a truck or a car that needs to be towed, just call us and we will come pick up your truck or car free of charge.  There are no hidden charges as well. We are an ethical company and like to keep things transparent for better dealings and to develop trustworthy relationships. We are one of the most well known car wrecker company in Australia. We deal with all kinds of cars and trucks including various different brands as well. Consider working with us and you won’t be disappointed.


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