Cash for Second-hand Cars Australia

We are an award winning car removal service that provides cash for second-hand cars. We buy used and second-hand cars and pay top dollars for that won’t run, but absolutely sit and rust in your garage. We even check on the spot the condition of the car including old, scrap, unwanted, damaged, wrecked, broken, whether it is crash registered, bad or good, functional or not in any circumstances. Most of these cars are either second hand, broken, damaged or old and can yield you a good amount of any type of cars. Find Car Wreckers in Melbourne Local Buyers of All Scrap Vehicles

We tow your car for free and pay for your old car

You do not have to have the keys to the car or the title either. We will work out something out if you have neither one of them. The car does not have to be in a functional or running condition. We will still evaluate and take it. All you got to do is call us on 03 9012 5916 and we will dispose of your car once and for all. You heard it right. We will tow your car and will also pay you money for it. We won’t charge you for towing your car and we will pay you the money for your old and second-hand car. That’s how we do the business of cash for second-hand cars. Melbourne car wreckers are available for used car parts to sell in affordable prices.

No obligation, free quick cash quote

We buy vans, cars, trucks, SUVs, Ute, jeeps, Cherokees and many other vehicles. Just because it doesn’t work anymore, doesn’t mean, you will have to abandon it in your backyard or on the streets. Now you can sell it for cash. Second hand and broken or damaged cars can now be turned into cash easily and quickly without much hassle. We provide you with free, no-obligation quote. You can also email us for a quick quote or fill up the ‘Quick cash quote’ form for more details on the evaluation of your second-hand old car and possibly how much you can earn on it.
We pay maximum amount of cash to customers for their broken cars
We provide cash for second-hand cars all over Australia. We work with clients in all cities of Australia. We are a one stop and an appropriate solution for all and any auto wrecking requirements that you may have anywhere within Australia. We are also a full-service second-hand auto wrecker company and provide free auto removal services for all the customers. You can contact us for more information on cash for second-hand cars program. We will pay you up to $10,000 in cash instantly for cars in good condition. We provide free pickup and serve all throughout Australia.

Offers maximum cash for damaged vehicles

We at ‘The car wreckers’ Australia provides the best car wrecker services including cash for scrap cars removal services. So if you have a broken car, bring it to us. We will assign a group of car wrecker experts who will assess your car condition and assign a price to the car. If you like the price of the car, then you will be getting a deal. If not, then you can always do some research to find out the best car wrecker company who will help you sell your car for more.

We value your car, and thus provide you with instant cash for unwanted vehicle today. We will beat any competition by 10% if there is any offer made on your car. The value of your car will be higher by 10% on what the price is set already. You can sell your unwanted vehicle today by requesting a same day towing service. We will either send you a car wrecker expert for evaluation or help you tow your car with our truck without charging any fees. The process is very simple.

We also provide same day pickup and cash in hand. If we happen to like your car, we will pay you instant cash on spot. Once we get a good price on a vehicle, we will tow it the same day, without causing any further paperwork and pay cash on spot for the vehicle no matter what condition it is in or how badly broken or damaged it is. We provide good cash for each car that you bring in to our junkyard.

Unlike any other car wrecker company, we do not buy by just judging the exterior part of your car, we like to analyze the vehicle in terms of each body parts and how they can be reused or recycled so that we can offer you the best price for it. Before they are recycled in the junkyard, the car parts are taken out or dismantled. They are removed to be sold later at a discounted price. The companies that claim to do a good job on wrecking your car. the best way to deal with it is to do some good research and figure out the best dealer who can provide you with the much needed cash for car service.

We wreck vans, cars, Utes, 4x4s, trucks, and jeeps as well. we wreck several brands as well. we are a trusted business and has been in the industry for almost 2 decades now. We have a large database of customers all Australia wide who have taken the time to research about what we do and how we help our clients evaluate and sell their broken and damaged car.