Sell unwanted cars to local car wreckers in Melbourne

Selling junk cars and vehicles is a ritual in Melbourne, and practiced all over Australia.  Car wrecker services are in abundance in Melbourne. If you have a broken and a damaged vehicle, you can take it to the junkyard and sell it to them for good cash and get up to $10,000. No matter how bad the conditions of your car maybe, bring it to us and we will take care of it.  Car wrecker companies provide cash for car services and car removal services as well. You can make good money when you sell your car to the junkyard. There are many car wrecker companies in Melbourne, but you must do some research before you choose to sell your junk car to a particular car wrecker company.

Why evaluating your car is important?

Call the concerned car wrecker company of your choice. If you think you have found the right car wrecker company, and then set up an appointment. They will either come to you to wreck your car from home or evaluate your car at your place itself. Any broken or damaged car is worth some money. Thus some evaluation is necessary before they sell your car at the junkyard. If your car is in good condition, chances are that you may receive a bigger and a better amount.

Scheduling a same day pickup

Severely broken and damaged cars will probably provide you with lesser cash. They will probably sell at a scrap value at the junkyard. If you want to dispose off your unwanted vehicle quickly, this is the time and the opportunity to do so. All junkyards will probably take your car in exchange of cash. You can schedule a pick up on the same day as well. Such car wrecker companies will respond within couple of hours of the call being made. They will come tow your car from your garage and take it to the junkyard.

Towing your car for free

Car wrecker companies usually take the whole car whether they are wrecked or broken, damaged or in good condition and you will be paid in AUD per lbs. if  you have already called your car wrecker company, they will come tow your vehicle for free. Most car wrecker companies would probably provide you with free car wrecker or car towing services. Thus you save money by not paying for tow truck that will carry your car from you one place to the other. Next part is dismantling and recycling.

Recycling scrap cars for the greater good

Once they reach the junkyard, they are dismantled and recycled. This is done keeping in the mind the harmful consequences it will cause if left abandoned on the streets or in your garage for too long. It may also contribute to pollution.  So be careful beforehand.

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