Good research key to finding the best car wrecker company

If you are looking for a car wrecker company in Melbourne, the best thing to do would be to do some research before you decide to sell your car to one of them.  Car wrecker companies in Melbourne can be found in abundance as they are one of the topmost payers of cash money in the whole Australian subcontinent. So begin with some research before you decide on selling your car to a junkyard. There are few criterion regarding whether they will pay you good cash or not, will they provide you with a free towing services, can they do a same day pickup or even things like providing instant cash after evaluating your car.

Selling your car for cash

If you have a broken or a damaged car, then you have to find a car wrecker company that can provide you with some good cash in hand for your broken car. They usually measure in terms of lbs. and pay their sellers accordingly. Once the car is disposed and sold to the junkyard, then it’s their property and you do not possess any right or the authority to remove anything from inside the car. So make sure you take everything before loading it up on to the trailer. Once you do that and it is delivered, it’s their’s.

Cash for car programs

Call the car wrecker company and see what kind of cash for car program they have and how much money they can provide you with. If they provide you good cash, go ahead and make a deal. Take it to the junkyard once that is done. You can request for a tow truck if you do not want to pay for towing charges to take your car from the garage to the junkyard.

Same day pickup for scrap cars

You could also ask for a same day pickup. If you do so, then some car wrecker company can also arrange for a same day pickup. They will respond with a tow truck within a couple of hours of the call being made. We at the car wreckers will provide you with at least $10,000 in cash. That’s instant cash you can make. No matter how broken or damaged your car maybe, a good car wrecker company will always judge it by its condition.

What is junk cars worth?

If the car is in good condition, it will fetch good money. The fate probably won’t be the same for a severely broken and damaged car. But they will definitely sell well for a scrap value. We at the car wrecker company will provide you with at least $10,000. It could be less than that, but nothing more. Junk cars are worth a good price too. Thus make no mistake of abandoning them on the streets or in your backyards, or they will be towed away by other car wrecker company for free and you won’t make a dime.

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